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Answers to most of your questions can be found here or in the rules for a specific pool.

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Valid email address at OFP

for many reasons, it is essential that all players load a VALID email address in their contact info field, but most importantly because communication via email is the ONLY way a winner can be identified, i only take marching orders from an email never verbally.

First Time Player?

All first time players must first create and account at (OFP for short) and then join the pools (by number and password) for the pool(s) you are interested in.

Why are references required at OFP

I would like to see the name of someone else who also plays in the pool and is most likely the person who told you about the pool. Having this info, helps me connect people to other people and gives me the ability to control the pool. If you pay on time you really do not need to worry about references, but i would still load accurate names if i was you - since if your entry fee is ever late, a solid reference could save you from being removed from a pool. The 21 year growth of these pools has brought about the need to run a real tight ship when it comes to me receiving entry fees on time, so thanks for your understanding and cooperation. if you use the initials BA or SS as you reference it must mean that you are personal friends of these poeple - they are 2 ex-pool managers who i trust emphatically with their referencing of their friends. do not use these intials (as your references) or list JB either, unless you have met them personally.

What does Company = 10 mean?

this is explained on the ISSUES page at this web site. NOTE: if you put a "10" in company and the entry fee for the pool is 100, do not send in 110, just send in the entry fee of 100 (or whatver it is for the given pool), the COMPANY issue is handled with the winners at the end.

How do I know my entry fee arrived

you can either check your bank account to see if it cleared or you can check the OFP site at the "poolwide picks" screen to see if your account is marked paid (Y). at this page you can only see your own status for payment. i do not have the time to call or email all players to confirm this receipt. also, you can send one check to cover all entries in all pools, if complicated just write me a note. you can also pay ahead for future pools, i keep a credit file for all such payments. i usually have all checks deposited within 72 hours of receipt.

The "confirmation" email from OFP

The receipt of this email, every time you make or change a pick, is critical to the process of verifying that your pick is loaded correctly. Please check this email after you make every pick.

How to add more entries at OFP

the easiest way to add entries at OFP, is at the MY PICKS page - there is a link there to ADD or DELETE ENTRIES, but only a main username can do this, not an alias. if you get more than one JOIN email from OFP for the same pool you are not setting these entries up the EZ way, call JB for help.

What does a GL email mean?

the GL (or a gl) means - good luck

FULL purse is always awarded

Even if all the entry fees are not collected, the full value of the purse is always awarded to the winners. Additionally all OFP fees are paid by the pool manager, not the players.

COLLECTION Reminder emails

Usually, on a weekly basis after week 2 of all pools, I send out a reminder email for COLLECTION to all people not yet paid - please do NOT ignore these emails and please reply if requested to do so in the subject line. I do not like being ignored, it only takes a few seconds to reply to the email and say something like: "sorry for being late, it will go out immediately". Starting in August 2010 this rule is now in effect: For every day that an entry fee is late, a winner's receipt of winnings will be delayed by 1 week! Truthfully my bark is worse than my bite and I am highly unlikely to ever do this but it is now offically on the books

Secondary Market - buy / sell picks

If you are interested in buying or selling an entry in a pool, go to the TRASH TALK page at that pool and use wording like this: "I am interested in buying (or selling) an entry in this pool for 30X the value of the entry fee". Any posting that does not include the buy/sell level as well as an email address to contact will be deleted from TT. If you have any questions about this topic, email or call me to discuss the matter. WARNING: this secondary market may be stopped in future years. it has grown into a huge headache for me and causes way too many problems. my tolerance for the nonsense at Trash Talk is at an all time low and i am getting close to shutting down Trash Talk completely

Deal Proposal near the end of a pool

At any time a finalist in a pool can make a proposal to his fellow finalists, to share some of the pot or even end the pool completely. I act as the middle man for such communication so pass your proposal to me, do not post at TRASH TALK. I handle this thru the use of BCC on an email and all I ask is - please do not SHOOT the messenger. I have no vested interest in any deals that are agreed to, I could care less how the pot gets split. Everyone must respect the right of others to act anyway they want regarding these proposals. There is never a guarantee that a deal will be accepted and of course all deals must be unanimous.

Double Picks Reporting at OFP

When viewing the results summary page at OFP on double pick weeks in football, it is not always easy to read and forecast how many people will be eliminated if a certain NFL team loses. on single pick weeks the OFP site is perfectly clear to read but with double pick weeks you can not just add up the number of entries which selected a losing NFL team, this may be an overstatement of losers since an entry might have had 2 losers. a better page to check this out is poolwide picks but wait until the week is over, OFP is then easy to read with the counts.

What is a "manager edit"?

It is a situation where I (the pool manager) had to modify a pick after that game started and OFP (as a means of policing the manager) changes the color in the database. In all of these cases (and there will not be many) I will only do so if I have a hard copy email (time stamped before the game started) to support the need for me to have changed the pick. a player will not be granted more than 1 of these "special handling" situations - so I strongly encourage all players to load their own picks and not assume I will be around to assist

Canceled games?

I do not have a hard and fast rule for this topic. I will just review each situation on a case by case basis and in conjunction with OFP, make the fairest decision for all parties concerned. Example: in 2008 a Sunday game was cancelled due to a Hurricane on a Saturday and all entries which had chosen that game had to make a different selection

Why do I need entry fees up front?

At this stage of these pools, I only personally know about 10% of the players and the only real way to get in my dog house is to be delinqunet with your entry fees, so let's avoid all of those awkward and annoying phone calls. I had one dumb suggestion, that i have all the players wait until the end of a pool and instruct them to send their entry fee to the winner(s) directly?? - does anyone (other than the one idiot) really think that sort of system would work?

JACK is the same as JOHN

John Bovery and Jack Bovery are one in the same person, not 2 different people. Jack is a family nickname often used when the family has more than one John and I use it for my email address - Feel free to call me either name when we speak.

John Bovery is NOT the same as OFP

The owner at OFP is also named John so you might be confused if you call OFP, but Bovery has nothing to do whatsoever with the third party website - OFP

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