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FOOTNOTE TO BELOW MESSAGE: READ THIS FOOT NOTE LAST: (posted 9/10 at 10 pm et - this will be the last message I can fit on this screen, after this one, go to the UPDATES page and topics will be sequential by date) During the course of the day I have received calls from more skeptics than i ever thought i would and in some cases the call ended with threats to do me personal harm. simply put after 21 years of servicing these pools, i do not deserve this treatment and of course they always come from restricted phones which i can not trace. i guess i should have expected some of this but it is getting ridiculous. i am not running away with the money, the state of NJ has frozen my accounts and i have begun the legal battle to solve this as best as possible for all people involved. my arrest record has been slow to pop up on the web, but you can view a PDF file on the FOOTBALL page (and also UPDATES page) of this website which is all i can upload right now. I have been advised not to load the search warrant and bail documents, at least for the time being. Once again I invite anyone who wants to stop by, just call to schedule an appointment and you can stop by and chat briefly and see that i am going nowhere, but my attorney has advised me to not share the other legal documents with anyone at this time. thanks for the kind words i have received from the majority of people. as for the skeptics, if someone really does come and put a bullet in my head, what will that accomplish - i have been a one man team for 20+ years and if i am not around to fight these charges and try to return money to all players, rest assured nobody else will - i am the only one who knows exactly what has gone on for 21 years so let me 'fight the fight' and say some prayers that i am successful. i will update this site on the UPDATES page (also against my lawyer's advise, but it makes me comfortable to communicate with 4,000 people as needed just as I have for 21 years). for now i think everyone needs to take a step back and let me and my counsel figure out the game plan from here. Sincerely, John Bovery


URGENT MESSAGE FROM JOHN BOVERY: Before you think this is a practical joke, rest assured it is NOT and it is 100% serious and everyone must read this entire message and please respect my privacy at this moment. All of my football pools for the 2010 NFL season have been canceled; I (maybe all of us) have a HUGE problem. At 8:30 this morning (9/9) I (John Bovery) was arrested at my home charged with promoting gambling thru the running of my office pools which as we all know has been going on for 21 years. My entire home was ransacked to the point you would have thought a bomb hit it. All computers were taken, along with all checks, envelopes, cash and every record I have associated with my pools. I certainly plan to fight these charges, as I firmly believe I have operated as a pool manager within the guidelines of all law and provided you players with some fun and excitement along the way. Just to be clear on the details of the day, I was teaching while my wife was home, she went shopping at 8:00 and when she stopped to get gas, a van pulled alongside her at the pump and identified themselves as law enforcement and as having a search warrant for our home and that she needed to return home immediately, or they wer going to break down the front door. when she arrived home she was met by the 8 members of law enforcement required to search my massive 1,100 square foot condo. Then my wife was told to call my school and without giving any details, she was to tell me to get home immediately, which of course I did - where I was arrested. After 3 hours of jail time (yes my wife did post bail – quite a shock after 30 years of marriage to me) but then I was driven by police to a psych ward of a local hospital where I spent 3 more hours being interviewed by multiple doctors. So now I am home (borrowing a neighbor's computer) trying to get the word to all of my loyal players. Many checks have been processed, some have not – all pools of course had to be shut down and all my records have been taken. nonetheless I pledge to fight as hard as possible to get back all my records as well as all the money and return it to its rightful owner – you the player. Where do I go from here? I have no idea, I have never needed the services of a lawyer like this before; so if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. I do expect that my AOL account might be closed down at some point but if it remains open I will eventually catch up and reply to all emails the best I can. If you insist on speaking to me (which I would prefer you NOT do) the call must be brief, unless you can assist me legally. As most of you are aware, the running of these pools has become nearly my full time activity (BTW, I had to resign my teaching job today as well) and over the past years it has become the way I support my family, so if anyone can use the services of a very organized person, I will be looking for a job very shortly while I prepare my defense. Since my bank accounts and all assets have been seized, my life is clearly going to be in turmoil for the short term, but as people that know me can attest, I am a fighter and I will go down fighting real hard to retrieve all monies for my players, but please understand this situation will not resolve itself in a week, a month or maybe not even in a year – but I will update people when I can, but do not expect much for a while. I am sure you understand I will be advised by lawyers to say very little (which is always tough for me to do). For those skeptics of the world who think I ran off to Tahiti (they actually took my passport anyway) with the money, rest assured I have not and if you want to stop by and check for yourself I will be home almost all weekend planning my defense strategy. Again, please keep the calls to a minimum and I thank you in advance for you understanding and many years of loyalty, maybe in the future we can all meet to celebrate my successful defense against these charges. Sincerely,John Bovery.


The rules for all office pools that I run can be found here. NO picks are made at this website. All pools are run by a third party company called OFP (read the rules for full details). Hit the button on the left to go to the sport you are interested in, and you will see the official rules. when you join a pool you will always get a "gl" email, for good luck - once all of your registration info has been approved.


My main email is, my backup email is My cell phone number is 908-510-3787. Please do not call with dumb questions - most (probably all) questions can be answered at this site - or ask a buddy your dumb question before you call and bother my wife or kids. My address is 1210 Harbour Club Drive, Parlin, NJ 08859.