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Quick message (posted 8/2010)

If you are returning player, the 2 large postings below have not changed at all and the same manner of operating these pools is still in effect just the same as it has for 21 years. If you are a new player, you should probably read both of the postings below. NOTE: the average % gift pledged by the players is always greater than 10% so it is fair to assume (unless announced otherwise) that the "JB" self imposed max of 10 is in effect for all pools Thanks and have fun, JB.

What does “COMPANY = 10” mean? (posted 08/2009)

This posting is new starting with all 2009 football pools and is an extension of the posting listed below dated 08/2007. I have decided to make this logistical change after several suggestions from you the players. IMPORTANT FACT: this adjustment to procedures in no way, shape or form changes the end results to my pools as we have known them for 19 years. Historically, the winners of my pools have been very generous with their gifts to me and my family and I have no complaints; if I did, I would have stopped running these pools years ago. I have often been asked if the winners do the right thing and why I developed the system where only the winners give me a gift and not all the players in the pool. Not having a good reason why, I decided to develop a way to have the same result but allow all players to be a part of the process. Additionally, I have realized that for personal reasons the receipt of smaller gifts from many people is better for me (logistically NOT financially) than receiving larger gifts from just a few people, but I will spare you the boring explanation about why that is the case. I again must give thanks to past winners (most of them anyway) by stating that I have been offered (but declined) gifts of more than 10% many more times than I have been gifted less than 10% - just 4 problems over 19 years who gifted less than 10%. So again, I say thanks to all my players and one way of me showing thanks for your years of support is to offer FREE pools starting in 2009. As a reminder, the largest gift I will ever accept for running a pool is 10%. As for the use of the COMPANY field at the OFP site, whatever number is put in that field represents the % of your entry fee that you are pledging to the pool manager as a gift. Once again, no matter what the average % is at OFP, the MAX gift I will accept is 10%. For all past players OFP has loaded this field with a “10”, since that was the most common result in the past. New players need to fill in this field, as well as all other contact info fields, when they join their first pool. All players can change this field at any time. If you want to make it a number higher than 10 that will be your way of showing me that you greatly appreciate the time and effort I put into the running of these pools and if you put a number lower than 10 it will be your way of showing me that you do not share my view on compensating pool managers. If the average % is lower than 10 I will have learned a valuable lesson and just have to live with it for 2009 and reconsider for 2010. If the average % is greater than 10, the self imposed maximum gift of 10% will be in effect. Since the past is usually a good indicator of the future, i suggest everyone just assume the pledged gift was 10% or greater and if it is less I will make a posting on OFP informing everyone what it is. As originally stated, these modifications to procedures are not a reflection of the performance of the past winners and these changes really do not change anything with regard to how one of my pools end, the end results will very likely be the same as they have been for 19 years, maybe a little worse for me, only time will tell. These changes allow for (1) me to receive smaller individual gifts, and (2) for all players to be able to show their appreciation to the pool manager, not just the winners. For one final time, I will emphasize that almost all past winners have shown me the utmost of respect and again I say thanks for the past 19 years. I hope everyone can read between the lines and understand why I have made these changes, which will really not change anything at all. NOTE: if you put a "10" in company and the entry fee for the pool is 100, do not send in 110, just send in 100, there is no need to send anything extra the pledged gifts will be handled at the end with the winners. As always, if you have any questions; email or call me. Good luck to everyone, JB.

Bovery's View On How To Handle Pool Organizers (posted 08/2007)

NOTE: In all the pools that I run the entire purse is distributed to the winner(s) and nothing is taken out of the purse by me ------------- and while it is certainly not my intention to offend anyone with this message, trust me, after 18 years of hearing and seeing everything, it is necessary for me to do this. If you find yourself disagreeing with my view on this matter I strongly suggest you not participate in any of my pools, it will simply help us both avoid a very ugly situation somewhere down the road. Regarding how to handle pool organizers, I do not understand why the winners do not immediately say the words: "please accept a 10% gift from my winnings for all the hard work and time you put into organizing this pool." I always have and always will say those words when I win a pool. Organizers who run pools do more work than anyone can imagine, and I do not just mean in the organization of the picks – the collection process is usually the biggest pain in the you know where. If you do not believe so, then try running your own pool, sometimes with over 6000 entries. I will say one type of pool, Super Bowl Box pools, might not warrant a 10% gift since the work is so limited in time and scope, but do not hesitate to invite me to your box pool because I do leave a 10% gift even for box pool organizers. I also feel that the gift (and i impose a maximum of 10%) should be based solely on the value of the purse (winner's share) and not the winner’s cost associated with playing the game which may be affected by poor hedging or gambling losses in general. The "pool is the pool" and nothing else should impact the pool, negatively or positively. The organizer's work is the same no matter what else goes on outside the pool environment. Additionally, the organizer's gift should not be impacted negatively if the pool is run electronically via a 3rd party piece of software. The organizer still collects all the fees as well as paying for this electronic service out of his own pocket and also serves as the liaison to the 3rd party and handles all the dumb questions about using the system. The goal is to bring a better product and better communication to all players. Would you rather force the organizer to revert back to manual methods which will result in the less than perfect timing of status - just so as to ensure a better gift? Without the pool organizer staying in touch with all the players and getting them together each year, the pool would not continue to exist and grow each year. I also think the gift left to the organizer should not be withheld or reduced if the organizer happens to also share in the winnings of the purse. One has nothing to do with the other. If you are lucky enough to win one of my pools, you will have the chance to decide how to treat me, and therefore also have control over how these pools are run in the future. I hope this message is not viewed as too pompous and I hope it helps other pool organizers around the country. I would hate for these pools to have to change and be put online like our friends in Canada, who take 15 -20 % vig for themselves. To the majority of you, who I know respect my efforts, I pledge to not allow any idiots to do anything which will cause these pools to end - even if I need to solicit the help from the masses to do so. A suggestion was made a few months ago by several people after I sent that survey out: they suggested I have every player pledge their % gift up front when they join the pool, therefore the % gift would already be determined ahead of time. Interesting idea, and a road I might go down, but even if I did the cap would still be 10% of the pot. Thanks for reviewing my thoughts and as always I welcome all feedback and comments.